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The Treasury of Flowers and Plants is a classic illustrated gardening book. Written by the noted gardening expert A.G.L Hellyer, it concentrates on the best and most commonly grown plants in the country and is accompanied by some of the most exquisite colour illustrations ever to have appeared in book form. A.G.L Hellyer is convinced that illustration is often more helpful than description when trying to familiarize gardeners with the varied and beautiful flowers now available to them and Cynthia Newsome-Taylor has illustrated each species of each genus with a colour picture. Each illustration has been drawn from living material and is the result of hundreds of preliminary sketches. Meticulous line drawings of individual plants and flowers are also included from the Encyclopaedia of Plants by J.C. Loudon first published in 1829.

But above all The Treasuary of Flowers and Plants is an authoritative guide to gardening that will prove an invaluable aid to all who use it. Each species included in this book is listed in alphabetical order according to its botanical name, though the popular name is also given for ease of reference. For the benefit of those readers who know the popular but not the botanical names of a particular plant, there is a comprehensive index of popular names with the appropriate cross references. The index also includes some outdated botanical names which are still commonly used in nursery catalogues and are often the only reference to the plant which the gardener possesses. In addition there is a wealth of information on how to best select, position and propagate your flowers and plants so that you can see them at their best.

When he wrote this book A.G.L Hellyer hoped that it would be a popular book with particular appeal to the beginner and the unlearned as well as to the expert practitioner. The Treasury of Flowers and Plants has more than fulfilled his wish, for it is now recognized as a classic gardening book that will bring nothing but continuous pleasure to all those who read it.

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Authored by A.G.L. Hellyer, and published by Spring Books of London in 1989. Hard cover bound this Reprint copy, First Edition thus, is in Fine condition, covered in plastic with a Fine dust jacket. The size of the book is 254x194x29mm, with 128 pages including the index. ISBN 9780600562849. Appears unread,  woodcut drawings in the margins throughout, 24 colour plates A joy of a book