Centenaire de Marcelin Berthelot – Comités pour l’édification de la maison de la chimie


Pierre Eugène Marcellin Berthelot, 1827–1907, was a French chemist and politician noted for the Thomsen–Berthelot principle of thermochemistry. He synthesized many organic compounds from inorganic substances, providing a large amount of counter-evidence to the theory of Jöns Jakob Berzelius that organic compounds required organisms in their synthesis. Berthelot was convinced that chemical synthesis would revolutionize the food industry by the year 2000, and that synthesized foods would replace farms and pastures. “Why not”, he asked, “if it proved cheaper and better to make the same materials than to grow them?”

He was considered “one of the most famous chemists in the world.” Upon being appointed to the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs for the French government in 1895, he was considered “the most eminent living chemist” in France. In 1901, he was elected as one of the “Forty Immortals” of the Académie française. He gave all his discoveries not only to the French government but to humanity.

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Published by la COMMISSION d’Organisation des Ceremonies du Centenaire de Marcelin Berthelot of Paris in 1927. This soft cover bound First Edition, commerative package comes in a sip case, the collection is of a varying condition. The size of the slip case is 215x145x55mm.

373pp and 148pp. Besides the 2 most important booklets listed above there are another 10 items – 5 unbound: – Invitation to the University of Stellenbosch; Carte de Delegue Officiel ; and Carnet De Delegue No 350, both in the name of J F E Celliers, l’Afrique du Sud; Comite d’Initiative; Theatre Ticket No 225. 5 bound with ribbon or string : Seance Solennelle 24 Oct; Celebration- Hotel de Ville 24 Oct; Ceremonie au Pantheon 25 Oct; ; Soiree de Gala 25 Oct; Banquet 25 Oct; Soiree du 26 Octobre, All 12 items are in a cloth and board case, which is in poor condition with a flap MISSING. All items are in French. Very Rare!!