Appears unread. 256pp incl index. Over 500 col illust accompanying descriptions, giving geologic horizons and localities. Illus. by Hoffman, Helmut.

The essential guide to fossils. The introduction discusses the formation of fossils, the history of life on earth and the development of life forms. The biology of the major groups is then described, so that the functions behind the structures seen in fossils can be better understood. There is also a section on collecting and preserving fossils. This is followed by the comprehensive guide, which includes examples of all the major groups of fossils, their distinguishing features, when they lived and where they are most likely to be found. The 500 stunning colour photographs, opposite the text, allow easy identification of each species

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Authored by H. Mayr and published by Collins of London in 1992. This First English Edition is hard cover bound, in Fine condition covered in plastic and without a dust jacket. The size of the book is 198x130x22mm. ISBN 9780002199100.