Dj has a 22×20 mm stain on spine where a sticker has been removed; slight bump on tail of spine. Unread. Book has 2 feint sellotape damages 33x19mm on front and rear eps, which have been whited over. 224pp; over 200 common fossil plants & animals each with col illus, line dwgs, features, evolution and distribution.

For centuries the existence of fossil remains has intrigued man. It was believed for many years that they were the work of the devil, created to perplex mankind or that they were the result of unsuccessful attempts to create life. However, it was not until a greater understanding of the processes of deposition and erosion was attained in the 18th Century that it was rightly deduced that fossils were the remains of long dead animals and plants preserved in the rock. Through the systematic study of fossils and the use of new techniques, such as radio carbon dating, scientists are now able to make accurate assumptions as to the nature of life in prehistoric times. As well as being an important tool in ascertaining the events in the evolution of life on Earth fossils are often beautiful object in themselves.

This book provides an introduction to the study of fossils and identifies over 200 common fossils from both eh animal and plant kingdoms. Each representative specimen is given a full description, including details of important identification features, distribution, details of the structure and evolutionary position. With each description there is a full colour illustration as well as cross sections and finer diagnostic features where relevant.

There is a comprehensive introduction which explains how to collect and preserve fossils as well as explaining how they are used to date rock formations.


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Authored by Rudolf Prokop and published by Hamlyn of London in 1981. This First English Edition, is hard cover bound, in Fine condition, covered in plastic  and with a Very Good condition dust jacket. The size of the book is216x153x26mm. ISBN 0600353702.