MARK ROTHKO (1903 – 1970)


Mark Rothko belongs to the generation of American artists who completely revolutionised the essence and design of abstract painting. His stylistic evolution from a figurative visual repertoire to an abstract style rooted in the active relationship of the observer to the painting, embodied the radical vision of a renaissance in painting. Rothko characterized this relationship as  a consummated experience between picture and onlooker. His colour formations indeed draw the observer into a space filled with an inner light. Rothko always resisted attempts to interpret his paintings. He was mainly concerned with the viewer’s experience, the merging of work and recipient beyond verbal comprehension. Rothko was an intellectual, a thinker, a highly educated man. He loved music and literature and was very involved in philosophy, especially in the works of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche and of ancient Greek philosophy and mythology. Rothko was a protagonist within the movement of American painters who became known as the Abstract Expressionists. First formed in New York City during the inter war years, this group as also called the New York School. Many among them including Rothko have become legendary figures.

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A collection of Mark Rothko paintings issued and published by Taschen Portfolio of  Cologne in 2003. A portfolio of 9 works with a brief introduction at the beginning and a listing of his works at the end. 9 prints with the painting on one side and a quote from Rothko on the reverse. In English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Mandarin or Japanese ?

Portfolio with 9 colour frame-able prints of 14. 1 p text: no pagination: captions in 5 languages are on the versos. Three pages loose. Untitled (Subway), 1937; The Omen, 1943; Untitled, 1948; Untitled ( Blue, Yellow, Green on Red), 1954; Untitled (Yellow, Red and Blue), 1953; Panel One (Harvard Mural Triptych), 1962; Untitled, 1956; No. 14/No. 10 (Yellow, Greens), 1953; Untitled (Black on Grey) 1969/70;