Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, and Ornament, From Prehistoric Times to The Twentieth Century.

Contents: Prehistoric and Primitive Arts; Egypt; Mesopotamia; The Classical World, Greece; The Classical World Rome; The Classical World, Byzantium; The Islamic Empire; India and Indonesia; China; Japan; Pre-Columbian Art; The Middle Ages; The Late Gothic North; The Italian Renaissance, Florence and Rome, Venice; The Renaissance in the North; The Birth of Baroque. Rome; Catholic Baroque, Netherlands, England and the Colonies; Eighteenth Century. Rococo and Neo-Classical; America; Twentieth Century, Art becomes International; Glossary of Art Terms; Glossary of Artists; Chronological Charts of Periods in Art; Index.

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Authored by Eleanor C. Munro and published by Golden Press of New York in 1977. Hard cover bound this 10th Impression copy is in Fine condition with a Fine dust jacket. The size of the book is 344x258x24mm. ISBN 0307493601.

300 pp incl index. Illustrated throughout with colour and black and white photographs. Clean and well bound. No inscriptions or annotations. Sellotape marks, minor to front and back endpapers.