This remarkable book will transform the way we look at Impressionist art. The culmination of twenty years of research by a pre-eminent scholar in the field, it fundamentally revises the conventional view of the Impressionist movement, and shows for the first time how it was fully integrated into the social and cultural life of the times.

Sumptuously illustrated with many of the most beautiful Impressionist images, both familiar and unfamiliar, this book presents provocative new interpretations of a wide range of famous masterpieces. Artists are seen to be active participants in, as well as objective witnesses to contemporary life, and there are many profound insights into the social and cultural upheaval of the times.

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Authored by Robert L. Herbert and published by Guild Publishing of London in 1989. Hard cover bound this First Editon copy is in Very Good condition, covered in plastic and with a Good dust jacket. The size of the book 295x260x29mm.

324 pp incl index, bibliography, references and notes. Maps as eps. Illustrated with colour and black and white throughout. Clean and well bound. No inscriptions or annotations. Damage to spine on cover and dust jacket. Corner of cover damaged.