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” Six full-length action packed books in one volume is the bonanza provided by A Posse of Westerns – a selection of some of the best in Western fiction by leading authors. Here are the gunslingers, the cowpunchers, the bushwhackers, the sheriffs and their deputies – the good men and the bad men – fighting it out with bare fists and blazing guns … for cattle, for land, for gold, for women.
Each story graphically evokes the atmosphere of the lusty, brawling West: a new continent being forged by tough and fearless men who made their own laws and whose final arbiter was a bullet.
The six books are Jack Borg’s Gun feud at Sun Creek and Guns of the Lawless,
Matt Wintan’s Greenhorn Sheriff and Trail to Boot Hill,Arthur Nickson’s Ride a Crooked Trail,and Phil Bexar’s The Bank’s of the Sacramento.360

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Published by Barrie & Jenkins of London in 1971. This book is in Very Good Condition, with a Very Good Condition dust jacket. Covered in plastic and hardcover bound. The size of the book is 222x49x144mm and the weight is 816g.