Silver Leaves


A South African Collection of Good Reading

Table of Contents

  • Frontispiece, Enest Ullman
  • Billy, Leslie Blackwell
  • Ukushwama, William Charles Scully
  • Two Sonnets, Florence Louie Friedman
  • A Present For a Good Girl, Nadine Gordimer
  • The Prophet Shembe, Hugh Tracey
  • The Lonely Biltong, verse, anon
  • The Castle of the Cape, Colin Graham Botha
  • The Magnolia Blossom, James Ambrose Brown
  • The Mendi, verse, David John Darlow
  • My Favourite Books, Bernard Friedman
  • Pro Patria, Patricia Causton
  • Down Upon  the Green Grass, Lionel Abrahams
  • Three Vilanelles, Florence Louie Friedman
  • The Blind Mouse, Madeline Masson
  • Rhinoplasty, The History of Plastic Surgery, A South African Surgeon
  • The Chincherinchee, verse, anon
  • Flogging, Alan Patton
  • Failure, Margot Bryant
  • Censorship, A Mediaeval Fallacy, Bernard Friedman
  • The Labourer’s Hire, James Ambrose Brown
  • The Potto, verse, J.B. Naismith
  • The Bushmen, Madeline Masson
  • Co-Operation with the European or a Seperate State, Russell Marivate
  • Two Satirical Poems, Tarantula
  • Next Witmess Mr. Shark, Leslie Blackwell
  • The Afrikaans Drama, Frederick Christian Ludolph Bosman
  • The White Hecatomb, William Charles Scully
  • The First Home Guard, Colin Graham Botha
  • Die Son-Kyker, Madeline Mason
  • Robberg, Leslie Blackwell
  • Ladies in Retirement, Patricia Causton
  • Acknowledgements



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An anthology of South African authors, published by Silver Leaf books of Johannesburg in 1952. Soft cover bound this First Edition copy is in Very Good condition and covered in plastic. The size of the book is 184x120x8mm, with 128 pages. Pages yellowing, cover lightly scuffed, rear cover sun faded. Clean and soundly bound. No inscriptions, annotations or marks.