Van Den Bergh & Jurgens ” Die Bakfees Koekboek” / The Bake-Off Cake Book




Dear Cake Bakers

For many years I have felt that a cake baking contest on a national scale was a project that would be welcomed by women all over South Africa. With this first Stork National Bake-Off, which has won the enthusiastic support of cake bakers, everywhere, there were nearly 30,000 entries, this idea has materialised. And now, with this unique South African cake book, representing the skill and effort of women all over the country, we have a permanent record of this nationwide undertaking.

Between its covers are the best cake recipes received during the contest. All come from women, and some men, just like you. Every recipe has been thoroughly tested and bears the stamp of approval of the Van den Bergh & Jurgens Domestic Kitchens. I know you will spend happy hours trying them out for yourselves.

For your convenience, recipes have been arranged in sections. You’ll find ideas and inspiration for every occasion: here are all kinds of cakes, from the family favourite chocolate to Granny’s old fashioned special and the exotic continental gateau.

With this 1967 collection of the Best of Bake-Off, may I wish you all success and happy baking. Mrs Lesley Faull.

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(Saamgestel deur/ Compliers. Van den Bergh en Jurgens.  Ring-Bound. APB Publishers, 1967. 187 bladsye. Die 100 beste koekrespte in 1967, elkeen met foto in s&w of volkleur. 245x192x20mm.