It is with regret we announce that at the end of the current year, 1965, the Northern Rhodesia Journal will come to an end.

It has been published for sixteen years but the changed circumstances of the country make the closure necessary. The Journal aimed at a popular readership mainly of Europeans and now, with the steady Africanisation of the country, it is felt that the circulation of, and interest in, a Journal of this nature will begin to fall. Its value to the new African nation is now as a historical document not as a piece of current literature.

It is not intended to stop suddenly. This issue is the first of Volume VI and it is intended to produce, this year instead of two normal issues, three enlarged issues plus a cumulative index covering all six volumes. These three final issues plus the index will be bound together in one final volume.

The cost of preparing and printing the index has been borne by a generous gift (180 Pounds) from the British South Africa Company. Equally generous gifts from the Anglo-American group of mining companies (200 Pounds) and from the Roan Selection Group (175 Pounds), in addition to their regular annual donations, have enabled us to print these enlarged issues.

Because of these gifts the ordinary annual, 1965, subscription of 15s will cover two enlarged issues instead of two normal size issues and only a final, additional charge of 15s, will be made to cover the last enlarged issued plus the index. (30s, for the Volume).

Over the years, in the General Fund, the Publication Fund and the Brelsford Fund, some useful capital funds have been built up. These will be handed over to the Livingstone Museum, which has been the headquarters of the Northern Rhodesia Society for so long, and used in the furtherance of the Museum’s publication programme.

W.V. Brelsford, Editor

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Published by the Rhodes-Livingstone Museum of Livingstone, Zambi in 1965. Soft cover bound, this First Edition copy is in Fine condition, covered in plastic and without a dust jacket. The size of the book is 247x188x25mm.

380 pp. Index to Volume VI + prelim xi pp. Index to Volume I-VI xxxvii pp. Photographic front cover and b&w photos and line drawings in text.