The Wicca Handbook contains a wealth of rituals, correspondences and spells. It is an invaluable reference for the veteran witch an an absolute must for the new witch. Covering everything – from the witch’s essential tools to casting spells to specific colours, elements, and deities for health, fertility and love, to the magical powers of animals, the celestial sky, rocks, gemstones and even letters and numbers – The Wicca Handbook should hold a place on the shelf of every witch, wizard and student of earth magic.

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Authored by Eileen Holland and published by Hale of London in 2009. Soft cover bound this Reprint Edition is in Fine condition and covered in plastic. The size of the book is 233x153x23 with 309 pages including index, index of spells, bibliography, and glossary. ISBN 9780709088844.

Top rear corner of cover slightly bent and internally a few pages have bent corners. 309pp incl index; no illustrations.