xii page intro, 433pp incl index and bibliography. B+w line drawings and diagrams. 37 exercises, 17 Chapters, 2 Appendices.


The ruins of ancient temples lay scattered throughout the world, on craggy peaks, in sacred groves and sometimes even underneath the foundations of modern building. These sacred sites have served as bridges between humans and their gods, places imbued with centuries of magick an mystery.

Modern witches create their own temples in bedrooms and back yards, parks and forests, beaches and deserts around the world . The witch learns how to create sacred space both within and without. In The Inner Temple of Witchcraft the first book in this series, acclaimed author Christopher Penczak focused on creating sacred space in the temple within through meditation, visualization, and developing psychic skills. Take the next step and learn how to manifest the sacred in the outer world through ritual and spell work.

Based upon successful real-world classes taught by the author, this intensive year and a day self study course culminates with an initiation ritual as priest /ess in the craft, equivalent to the second degree of witchcraft in a five degree system. After completing your studies you will be ready to claim the role of priestess or priest and live it in you day to day life.

Explore the many facets of witchcraft from honouring divinity to spell craft, including creating elemental gateways, casting magick circle, finding and empowering tools, herb and stone craft, magickal correspondences, divination, and lunar and astrological timing. Understanding the elements of ritual and spell work provides a strong foundation for building your own magickal temple.

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Authored by Christopher Penczak. Published by Llewellyn Publications of St Paul Minnesota. A 2004, 1st Edition copy. Soft cover bound this copy is in Fine condition, covered in plastic and without a dust jacket. The size of the book is 231x188x28mm. ISBN 9780738705316.