Rhodesia’s rulers had more than political power, they controlled the mass media. And with the press, radio, TV, books, pamphlets, posters, films and advertisements backed up by laws that censored and suppressed they aimed to control the minds of the people. Yet with grassroots resources and guerilla tactics, the people defeated the technologically superior mass media. Their Chimurenga songs and clandestine mass meetings had a power and a relevance that the mass media never matched. It was through this psychological war of liberation that Rhodesia became Zimbabwe. Through the words of the combatants in this propaganda war, and illustrated with the media weapons used by both sides, this book shows why the people of Zimbabwe could say that None but ourselves have freed our minds.

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Authored by Julie Frederikse and published by Ravan Press of Johannesburg in 1983. Soft cover bound this Second Impression, First Edition, copy is in Very Good condition, covered in plastic and without a dust jacket. The size of the book is 298x208x22mm.

368 pp including index and footnotes. Unfortunately printed on cheap copy paper so all pages are tanned. The covers have been reinforced on the verso s. The treatment that this copy has received should enable it to last another 100 years. B&w photos through out the text. Other copies could fall to pieces within a decade or two. A very interesting history bearing in mind that this is a history of the winning side, which as the Title implies, says that the “masses” are totally responsible for the miserable mess that is now Zimbabwe. J F is apparently living in Durban and is still active in woke politics.