271 pp incl index of families and genera, subject index and bibliography. Shell diagrams as eps. Clean, unmarked and well bound.

Seashells fascinate by reason of their form and coloration, and many people are prompted to collect them. This identification guide is intended for use by all those interested in beautiful marine mollusc shells. It contains essential information for naturalists and collectors. However, many of the most attractive shells occur only in distant parts of the oceans, and often at great depths.These are usually only known to the amateur collector from pictures. This book provides the necessary scientific knowledge of the mollusc classes, without which the collector will be unable to build up and arrange the shells correctly, and just as important will not be in a position to communicate with other amateurs, collectors, dealers and scientists. The book gives the basic facts on the anatomy of molluscs, on their relationships, habitats, distribution and nomenclature.

The systematic description of the different molluscs extends down to families and sub-families, and gives some of their representative genera.

There are 1072 shells, in full colour, as well as 185 black and white photographs. Full plate descriptions are provided in addition to the text and there are indexes of both common and Latin names.

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Authored by Gert Lindner and published by Van Nostrand Reinhold Company of New York in 1979. A 2nd Impression of the First English Edition, hard cover bound, covered in plastic, this copy is in Fine condition with a Fine dust jacket. The size of the book is 203x130x24mm. ISBN 0713708441.