Webster’s Universal Computer Dictionary: An up-to-date dictionary of computer terms covering all areas of the worlds of computing and the the Internet. Around 1 500 terms are clearly and concisely explained to enable you to better understand a fascinating, infuriating, and rapidly changing subject.

Webster’s Universal Business Dictionary: A dictionary of around 1 700 terms from the world of business, concisely explained and cross-referred. In an area that is rich in inventive metaphors and words that can baffle and bamboozle the uninitiated, this is a refreshing and enlightening guide for any reader.

Webster’s Universal English Dictionary: This dictionary of today’s English contains over 40 000 entries. Its’ modern, concise, and accurate definitions are easy to read and comprehend, and are presented in a clear typeface and layout. An ideal and invaluable reference volume for any home or office.

Webster’s Universal Spelling Dictionary: This dictionary of spelling contains over 40 000 everyday unusual and commonly misspelt words arranged in A-to-Z format. It is an essential volume for students and will also prove to be an invaluable aide for letter-writers and puzzle solvers.

Webster’s Universal World Facts: World Facts is a concise, up-to-date handbook of information on the world’s countries and territories. Its’ comprehensive and objective approach provides a physical, political, religious and climatic picture of our constantly changing modern world.

Webster’s Universal English Thesaurus: This is a compact and comprehensive thesaurus of the English language that contains over 135 000 synonyms arranged in A-to-Z style to increase accessibility. An ideal reference book to encourage better English and aid in study, writing, and comprehension.

Webster’s Universal Medical Dictionary:  A new, compact medical dictionary that provides extensive information on all aspects of health, with over 2 000 everyday medical terms clearly explained and helpfully cross-reference. It is an essential volume for the health-conscious individual or family.

Webster’s Universal Grammar Dictionary: A comprehensive guide, in alphabetically arranged sections, to all the main areas of English grammar and usage. Brush up on your grammatical terms, easily and confused words, spelling, punctuation, and irregular verbs and nouns, to achieve exceptional English usage.

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Published by Geddes & Grosset on New Lanark, Scotland in 2007. Soft cover bound, this 8 Volume Reference Set comes with an attractive illustrated slip cover set. The size of the set is  194x176x107mm. ISBN 9781842056356. Clean and well bound. No inscriptions, annotations or marks. A set of 8 reference books, dictionaries. Grammar Dictionary, Medical Dictionary, English Thesaurus, World Facts, Spelling Dictionary, English Dictionary, Business Dictionary, Computer Dictionary. Includes a World Map, World Time Zone, and Weight and Measures on the Slipcase.