1200,L Saloon, Manual 68-77; 1300, A Saloon, Manual & Semi-automatic 68-74; 1302, Saloon Manual 70-72; 1302S, LS Saloon & Convertible, Manual 70-72; 1303 Saloon, Manual 72-75; 1303S, LS Saloon & Convertible, Manual & Semi-automatic 73-78; 1192cc, 1285cc, 1584cc

CARE: Written by a highly experienced team of motoring experts, Aut0odata Car Manuals provide a step-by-step guide to all the basic care necessary to help you achieve the best performance from your car and to safeguard its value. A regular routine of basic care ensures that your car stays in roadworthy condition and could save you the cost and inconvenience of a breakdown. You’ll quickly discover that you can tackle these tasks with confidence and ability using an Autodata Car Manual

REPAIR: Every Autodata Car Manual is expertly written and produced with the assistance of car and component manufacturers. Each Autodata Car Manual contains all the information you need to undertake even the most complex jobs. Using concise language, clear line drawings and exploded diagrams, every overhaul or repair task is fully explained with reference to direct experience of your particular make and model of car.

MAINTENANCE: All aspects of vehicle maintenance from recommended service schedules and tune-up procedures, to pre-MOT checks are comprehensively explained, to equip you with the skills necessary to maintain your car to the peak of its performance.

Packed with helpful advice and practical know-how, your Autodata Car Manual will put professional car maintenance within reach and is the only reference book you’ll ever need.

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Authored by Simon Cowen and Tony Stuart-Jones. Published by Autodata Ltd of Berkshire in 1987. This First Edition copy, soft cover bound, is in Very Good condition, covered in plastic and without a dustjacket. The size of the book is 280x212x9mm. ISBN 5013381003381.160pp incl index and Tightening torques. Cover slightly creased and some grease marks in book.