Toys survive from the most remote periods of antiquity and from a wide variety of cultures. They vary in appearance from a crudely carved stick serving as a hobby horse to the most sophisticated mechanical devices. The World of Toys provides a wide-ranging survey of the subject with particular emphasis on folk toys. A study of children’s toys reveals that many items which we regard as playthings are also closely bound up with ancient beliefs and religious traditions.

In his new book Dr. Josef Kander, an acknowledged expert on children’s toy, has concentrated on hand-crafted items produced all over the world in the last 200 years, created mainly but not exclusively from natural materials. Following a historical introduction, there are chapters on toys made of wood, ceramics textiles, paper and papier mache, toy theatres an puppets of all sorts and toys designed to be sold as souvenirs, are also covered, as are folk and ethnic toys made from easily accessible but less conventional materials such as straw, dough, dried meat, pine cones and wax. Finally, there is an invaluable list of museums and galleries with important collections of children’s toys.

Lavishly illustrated with photographs in colour and black and white and with line drawings. The World of Toys will appeal not only to  toy collectors but also to all those interested in folk art and the history of childhood.

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Authored by Dr Josef Kandert, translated by Joy Kohoutva, with illustrations by Jan Picha. Published by Hamlyn of London in 1992. Hard cover bound this First English Edition is in Fine condition, covered in plastic, with a Fine dust jacket. The size of the book is 287x215x21p37mm, with 240 pages including the index, list of illustrations, select bibliography, and Museums and Institutions. ISBN 9780600574781. Appears unread. Illustrated with line drawings, colour and black and white photographs throughout.