From the Dawning of Time, mankind has faced numerous obstacles and made surprising leaps forward. In an epic overview of the human race, this fast-paced story of all of us is history like you’ve never read it before. Each event has been chosen because it’s a key turning point, a stepping stone in our journey from hunter gatherer to global citizen.

Our story is all about connections, why some ideas take hold and spread around the world and how the lives of people in one part of the world are shaped by events in another. It’s a rich, interwoven narrative, but very accessible and truly global. With more than 300 colour photographs and illustrations, Mankind comes to life with informative sidebars and dramatic first person representations of key points in history: the invention of iron, the beginning of Buddhism, the crucifixion of Jesus, the sack of Rome, the rule of Genghis Khan, the ravages of the Black Plague, the invention of the printing press, the discovery of the New World, the birth of the Industrial Revolution, the invention of the steam engine, the rise of global migration, the First and Second World Wars, the invention of the computer and beyond.

This is our story, a story of triumph and overcoming. It is the story of all of us.

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Authored by Pamela D. Toler Phd, and published by Running Press  of Philadelphia in 2012. Soft cover bound, with a French fold cover, this 2nd Impression, First Edition copy is in Very Good condition, covered in plastic and without a dust jacket. The size of the book is 228x189x30mm. ISBN 9780762447039.

437 pp incl index and photo credit.  French fold cover. Illustrated with colour photographs throughout, maps and diagrams. Ex Libris card to inside front cover. Clean and without and markings or annotations. Binding beginning to loosen. Previous owners inscription removed from Introduction page.