Is Germany returning to the Right-Wing extremism of her past?

This book reveals the truth about the most horrifying development in today’s Europe, one with profound implications for us all, the rise of the new Nazis

The author, a German journalist and film maker, reveals the connections between Nazis left over from Hitler’s era and those who have only lately arrived, yuppie fascists, skinheads, historical revisionists who seek to deny that the Holocaust ever happened. He has discovered factions within factions, leadership struggles, and a chaotic range of views and tactics: but also that communication and co-operation do exist between them with the common goal of returning Germany to the fascist superstate of the past. But more than this, he has detected a complicity with Right-wing extremists at the very heart of the German establishment, the judiciary, the government and the media. Schmidt has written a book which is essential reading for anyone concerned that ultra Right ideas and organisations are forcing their way to prominence in the newly unified Germany and other parts of Europe.

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Authored by M. Schmidt and published by Hutchinson of London in 1993. Soft cover bound this First Edition copy is in Fine condition covered in plastic and with an illustrated cover. The size of the book is 232x152x20mm. ISBN9780091780043.

255pp incl acronyms. Corners slightly bumped, all pages yellowing from the outside in. 255pp.