Lower front cnr slightly bent. 133pp incl 2 Indexes, Glossary, Bibliography; 8 col photog plates with 20 butterflies; line dwgs.

This is a unique and refreshing approach to the natural history of butterflies, how they work, migrate, find food plants, fight for territories and are so marvellously coloured. Examples are drawn from all the butterflies of Europe and its American visitors. The book emphasises the co-evoloution of butterflies with wild flowers and the way in which their lives are inextricably linked. Special attention is given to the elaborate systems evolved to detect food plants and how butterfly behaviour is geared to life among wild flowers.

Butterflies are presented as sophisticated insects with programmed brains controlling their behaviour and computerised feet and antennae able to make rapid chemical assessments of plants.

Written by a well-known expert, this thoroughly researched book adds a whole new dimension to the spectacular and intriguing lifestyle of the butterfly

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Authored by John Feltwell and published by Croom Helm of London in 1986. Soft cover bound this First English Edition is in Fine condition, covered in plastic and without a dust jacket. The size of the book is 234x156x13mm. ISBN 0-7099-4905-7.