In 1946, when he was making a living writing fiction for American magazines, Roald Dahl wrote a true story called The Mildenhall Treasure. It tells how Gordon Butcher, a Suffolk ploughman, uncovered the greatest treasure ever found in the British Isles, a hoard of Roman silver of unparalleled beauty and value. And how, not appreciating what he had discovered he was cheated out of the fortune that should have been his.

A savage parable of innocence and greed. The Mildenhall Treasure is now republished, superbly illustrated by Ralph Steadman

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Authored by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Ralph Steadman. Published by Jonathan Cape of London in 1999. This First Illustrated Edition is hardcover bound, in Fine condition, with a Fine dust jacket and covered in plastic. The size of the book is 298x220x13mm. ISBN 9780224060172. 72pp with numerous colour illustrations, most of them double page, a few of them single page and a few in the text.