And nothing, where I now arrive is shining.

Dante’s Inferno describes his descent into Hell midway through his life with the Roman Virgil as his guide, and is unparalleled in it depiction of the tragedy of sin. It is a work inspired by a profound confidence in human nature, yet also expresses Dante’s horror at the way individuals can destroy themselves and each other, creating Hell on Earth. A response to the violent society of thirteenth century Italy, the Inferno reveals the eternal punishment reserved for sins such as greed, self deception, political double dealing and treachery. Portraying a huge diversity of characters culminating in a horrific vision of Satan, it broke new ground in the vigour of its language and its storytelling. It has had a particular influence on Modernist writers and their successors throughout the world.

Robin Kirkpatrick’s new translation pays exceptional attention to the originality and force of Dante’s narrative. Printed in English with facing pages in Date’s Italian, this edition also offers an introduction, along with commentaries and notes on each Canto by the translator, which identify the historical, cultural and philosophical issues behind the poem.

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Authored by Dante Alighieri and published by Penguin Classics of London in 2006. This is the fifth impression of this copy. A classic that has been translated and edited by Robin Kirkpatrick. Soft cover bound the size of the book is 197x26mm. The copy is in Very Good condition and covered in adhesive plastic with no dust jacket. ISBN 9780140448955.Some few pages slightly bent. cix plus 449pp incl copious notes. Text in rhymed Italian verse and un-rhymed verse in English.