• Longer, more helpful, more informative entries
  • 71 000 vocabulary references, 1.2 million words of text
  • All words that need defining given as separate entries
  • Numbered definitions and thousands of descriptive labels help you find the meaning you want quickly
  • And up to date survey of today’s language, with common contemporary meanings placed first.
  • The best coverage of contemporary science and technology.
  • Provides guidance on how words are used with examples and Usage Notes.
  • Pronunciation shown fully and precisely.
  • Based on the comprehensive Collins lexical databank and the authoritative Collins English Dictionary.
  • A programme of continuous language monitoring ensures that the Collins Dictionary databank is kept up to  date.

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Edited by William McLeod and published by Collins and Sons Co. of Glasgow in 1989. Soft cover bound, this Fourth Edition copy is in Very Good condition covered in plastic and without a dust jacket. The size of the book is 197x130x41mm. ISBN 9780004331409.

X page intro, 1012 pp. x pp intro, warping to first 6 pages. Well bound. No inscriptions or annotations.