Over the years there have appeared some 250 000 books dealing with Napoleon, but this is the first modern volume to cover completely every campaign and battle which he personally conducted. By the completion of this huge undertaking, David Chandler has made it possible to view the whole of Napoleon’s military career and to asses the characteristics which brought him years of victory and ultimate defeat.

Naploeon himself said, Je n’ai jamais eu un plan d’operations, but as the author shows, this comment was very deceptive. Every operation he conducted contains many unique features, but there were from first to last certain basic principles which he almost invariably applied. Yet perhaps surprisingly, there was little that was new in the Emperor’s military thinking, his peculiar genius lay as a commander in the field, where he made use of the ideas of others in his own brilliant fashion. It is above all as a practical commander in the field that Napoleon is depicted in this volume, and no reader of military affairs can afford to miss this brilliant account of a great military genius at work

This work is illustrated by 73 maps specially drawn for this book, and seven maps reproduced from original engravings. There are 84 half tone illustrations.

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Authored by David G. Chandler, with maps and diagrams drawn by Sheila Waters, published by The MacMillan Company of New York in 1966. Hard cover bound this First Edition copy is in Fine condition, covered in plastic with a Very Good dust jacket. The size of the book is 244x177x56mm, with 1172 pages including an index of military formations and treaties, index of persons, glossary, bibliography, references and appendixes. Clean and well bound. No inscriptions or annotations. Pages lightly yellowing. Dust jacket has torn on the top spine, now repaired. Illustrated with black and white photographs, maps and drawings. Dust jacket has left an offset tanning on the end papers.