This is a soldier’s story about South African soldier in southern Angola and Namibia and the enemies they fought. It tells of insurgency and counter insurgency, guerilla warfare and conventional warfare. It tells of a conflict which the world saw as unjust, in which South Africa was perceived as the aggressor. But the black and white soldiers who fought in it saw it as an extension of the Cold War, for while it was Cold on the frontiers in Europe it was a very Hot war in Angola. They consistently outfought FAPLA, SWAPO and the Cubans throughout the war years. It created a problem to which neither they nor their Soviet and East German mentors ever found a solution.

After the 1989 Namibian settlement the unit was withdrawn to South Africa. Despite it having borne the brunt of South Africa’s war in Angola with the blood of its troops, the National Party government disgracefully ordered its arbitrary disbandment in March 1993 and the unit ceased to exist.

Because of the secrecy surrounding it, 32 Battalion became not only one of the finest fighting units in the South African Army, it also became the most controversial.

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Authored by Col Jan Breytenbach, published by Galago of Alberton, R.S.A, in 2009. Soft cover bound this Second Edition, Third Impression is in Very Good condition, covered in plastic, with an illustrated cover. The size of the book is 243x169x25mm, with 360 pages including the index, roll of honour, and organization and equipment. ISBN 9781919854113. Edges browning; pages  yellowing. 24pages or colour photos; 4 maps.