“Chapter 1

The Road To Fortune

Dawn comes to the veld with the drama of a trumpet note blasting through the darkness of the night. The last still hours are over. The sleepy moon in her silver dancing dress has titptoed silently to bed: and one by one her escorts, the stars, put out their lights and sleep.

The sun comes up: a boisterous giant, with his brassy trumpet notes of light he sends his alarm to the vaults of heaven. His golden rays find their way into the most secret corners of the night, nudging the earth and all that is on it to a new dawn, with its symphony of hopes and disappointments, harmony and counterpoint, played over the fundemental rhythm of the alternation of night and day.  …. ”

Book has original spine repaired; all pages and edges browned. Maps as eps. 319pp incl index; line dwgs as Chapter headings & endings and in text

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Authored by T.V. Bulpin, illustrated by C.T. Astley Maberly and published by Howard Timmins of Cape Town. This First Edition was published in July of 1955, in Fair condition, uncovered and without it’s dust jacket. The size of the book is 220x38x140mm and the weight is 503g.