David Goldblatt’s work reflects a life-long exploration of the relationship between individual South Africans and the society they live in. His first extended photographic essay was compiled in the 1960s. When finally published in 1975 as Some Afrikaners Photographed the book angered some and left others cold. Eventually most of the small print run had to be sold off for a song. Considered one of the major photographic works in this genre, Some Afrikaners Photographed was never reprinted and is almost impossible to obtain. Some Afrikaners Revisited offers an additional twenty images from the period which were not included in the original book, notes by Goldblatt on how both books came into being, a contextualising essay by Ivor Powell and Antjie krog’s impressionistic response to the images.

Almost all of Goldblatt’s photographs have different layers of interpretation through which the viewers, according to their experience and previous knowledge unravel a tale. Indeed, behind each one of Goldblatt’s images there are several stories, most of them related to vital questions, which affect in a direct or tangential way the values by which the country moved and moves. Throughout his career, Goldblatt has been searching for a photograph that would discover probe, reveal or clarify some of these values.

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Photographs by David Goldblatt with essays by Antjie Krog and Ivor Powell. Published by Umuzi of Cape Town in 2007. Soft cover bound with an illustrated cover, this First Edition copy is in Fine condition and covered in plastic. The size of the book is 281x260x20mm with 235 pages including the glossary. ISBN 9781415200254. David Goldblatt (29 November 1930 – 25 June 2018) was a South African photographer noted for his portrayal of South Africa during the period of apartheid. His pictures of Afrikaners are sympathetic but unvarnished, a record of another way of life which is rapidly passing. As social commentary it is invaluable.