64pp. Pages uniformly tanned. No inscriptions, annotations or stamps.

The snowflake was born on a cold, winter’s day far up in the sky, many miles above the earth.

Her birth took place in the heart of a grey cloud that swept over the land driven by icy winds.

It all came about from one moment to the next. At first there was only the swollen cloud moving over the tops of the mountains. Then it began to snow. And where but a second before there had been nothing, now there was Snowflake and all her brother and sisters falling from the sky.

Falling, falling, falling! As gently as lying in a cradle rocked by the wind, drifting downward like a feather, blown this way and that, Snowflake found herself floating in a world she had never known before.   ….

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Authored by Paul Gallico and published by Michael Joseph Ltd of London in 1953. This Second Impression of the First Edition, hard  cover bound, is in Very Good condition, with an illustrated cover and no dust jacket. The size of the book is 189x128x10mm.