… A mass of data on the distribution and ecology of Zimbabwean snakes has accumulated in the files of the Department of Herpetology of the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe at Umtali Museum; the number of snake species recorded from Zimbabwe has risen from sixty two to seventy six and, in the medical field the concepts and methods of treatment of poisonous snake bite have advanced. This book sets out to update the old information and to present the new material to the public in as interesting and readable form as possible, while still including the basic data required for further intensive studies.

A comprehensive series of colour slides of Zimbabwean snakes has been built up over the years and used to illustrate this book. .. We have searched the literature for recent authoritative work on local snakes, their venoms, and modern methods of treatment. Such information has been included in this book, where applicable. The basic simplified first aid steps remain much the same, we would simplify them more if this were possible. … Over a five year period only twenty one people died from snake bites while  …. hundreds of deaths resulted from car accident, and yet man does not seem to have the pathological fear of cars that many people show for snakes. We presume that this terror is a result of contact with others who have an inordinate fear of snakes, and due also to the lack of knowledge of snakes and to them myths built around them . We trust that all who read this book will lose this fear and help others to control theirs. This aspect is most important, as will become obvious when you read the chapter on snakebite treatment. Nothing is as infectious as fear or panic.

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Authored by D.G. Broadley and E.V. Cock. Published  by Longman of Salisbury in 1982. This Second Impression, First Edition copy is in Fine condition, covered in plastic and without a dust jacket. The size of the book is 212x136x11mm. ISBN 0582641616.

152 pp incl index, appendix, distribution maps, glossary and first aid summary. Clean and well bound. No markings, inscriptions or annotations. Illustrated with colour photographs, line drawings and distribution maps.