SNAKES OF AFRICA southern, central and east


Snakes in Africa, although primarily intended as a field handbook on the snakes of Southern, Central and East Africa, has been written in such a lively and entertaining way that it provides fascinating reading. The author, R. M. Isemonger, is one of the most experienced snake men in Africa and to the facts and figures of his subject he has added a host of entertaining anecdotes and observations.

The characteristics and habits of over one hundred species and varieties of snakes are described in detail, together with methods of capture, effect and treatment of snakebite, superstitions about snakes, and many other aspects of general interest. A unique feature of the book is the accurate and easily followed identification charts.

The well known C.J.P Ionides, the snake man of Tanganyika, has contributed the notes on which the East African chapters are based. Desmond Fitzsimons of Durban has supplied an authoritative account of the production of serum, while Sir Roy Welnsky has written a pleasant foreword. With their aid, and the splendid colour photographs of W.T. Miller the monochromes of Dr C.K. Brain of Salisbury Museum, S. Rhodesia, and C.J. Bissett, and the drawings of C.T. Astley Maberly, the author has produced a truly remarkable book.

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Authored by R.M. Isemonger and published by Thomas Nelson and Sons of Johannesburg in 1962. This First Edition copy is in Fine condition, covered in plastic and with a Fine dust jacket. The size of the book is 192x128x22mm.

I236 pp incl index. Illustrated with b+w and colour photographs and lined drawings. Clean and well bound. No inscriptions, annotations. or markings. Pages tanned.