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This well illustrated book provides a unified and comprehensive coverage of plant breeding systems, a vital subject for plant geneticists, plant breeders, population ecologists, taxonomists and students of evolution. At the levels of both individual plant and population, genetic variation and evolution are always present and it has become clear that they are controlled by the mating patterns of the plants.

In this basic text the breeding system is considered as part of an overall adaptive syndrome that influences, and is influenced by, micro evolutionary constraints. Pollination biology, gene flow, incompatibility, variations in sexual function, heteromorphic systems, self-fertilisation and asexual reproduction are particularly important features. Introductory chapters place these in the context of sexual theory and sexual function. The author draws on a very wide literature (over 700 references) covering floras throughout the world, and combines established concepts with modern specialised work. He uses his own considerable experience informally throughout the book and, in places, tackles speculative work. This important book will serve the needs of students and research workers in departments of biology, botany, genetics, horticulture and forestry.

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Authored by A.J. Richards and published by George Allen & Unwin of London in 1986. This First Edition copy is soft cover bound, in Fine condition, covered in plastic and without a dust jacket. The size of the book is 235x156x32mm. ISBN 0-04-581021-4.