Here is the answer to a long-felt need of the student or professional investigator using polarizing microscope techniques in the petrographic laboratory. There have been many books and papers that explain the theory of the instruments of petrographic research. There are a number of references which cover the classification and properties of rocks and minerals. But, until now, there has been a gap between these two aspects of research which has hindered the application of theory.

In Petrographic Mineralogy you will find a single work, that provides all the data necessary for the correct identification and classification of minerals and rocks as examined under the polarizing microscope or by other petrographic methods. It covers the techniques involved, provides ample descriptions of minerals as seen under the microscope, offers determinative tables for use with the petrographic microscope, and condensed summaries of rock classifications.

All this material has been arranged for maximum accessibility in reference or study. The book is lavishly illustrated with photographs and diagrams and is fully equipped with reference material for those seeking specialist information.

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Authored by Ernest E. Wahlstrom and published by Wiley & Sons of New York in 1960. Hard cover bound, this 2nd Impression of the First Edition is in Fine condition, covered in plastic and with a Good condition dust jacket. The size of the book is 219x145x24mm

408pp. Dj is a col facs. Book has pencil notes, which can be easily removed.