Tubingen: Mohr (Siebeck) GmbH & Co., 1987. Dj is discoloured, closed tear 8mm; frittered at head. Book has gilt title on spine and front. 320pp incl index. Second Edition, Revised, Expanded. Hard Cover Navy Blue Cloth. Fine in Plastic./Very Good. 237x25p75mm.  Contains annotations and underlining in pencil.

Anyone who has studied Paul knows that probably the most complex problem he develops is his view of the Law and its purpose. The beauty of Raisanen’s work is that he recognizes and respects the complexity without himself becoming too dense to understand. Raisanen finds that Paul’s radicalised negative criticism of the law is peculiar to him, unparalleled in the NT and without precedent in Jewish thought. With careful, patient examination of various contexts. Raisanen leads his readers to see that Paul has an oscillating, even inconsistent view of of the law.

The book is well-written in clear readable English. It is an important book, recommended to any serious student of Paul. Its strength is in Raisanens willingness to abandon preconceptions of what Paul’s view on the law should be according to some consistent plan and in allowing Paul to speak for himself.

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Authored by Heikki Raisanen and published by Mohr (Siebeck) GmbH & Co of Tubingen in 1987. This Second Revised and Expanded edition, hard cover bound, is in Fine condition, with a Very Good dust jacket and a covering of plastic. The size of the book is 237x163x25mm. ISBN 3161451988