Nor Iron Bars a Cage is a story of great moral and physical courage which, as we live in a period of political terrorism, abduction and hostage taking, appears at an extremely apposite moment. Penelope Tremayne tells the frightening story of her capture, imprisonment, interrogations and liberation with the utmost skill. To pass the time during her incarceration, she filled a notebook with the beautifully recorded memories of her early travels in Greece and Crete. Her feeling for landscape, history, poetry and literature stood her in good stead and drawing on this spring of civilized values helped to reinforce her uncompromising stance. It is not only an exciting story and a sort of handbook of how we should behave in similar grim circumstances, but a lasting achievement of great literary merit and psychological insight.

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Authored by Penelope Tremayne and published by Heinemann of London in 1988. Hard cover bound this First Edition copy is in Fine condition, covered in plastic, with a Fine dust jacket. The size of the book is 222x141x21mm, with 195 pages. ISBN 9780434791163.

Spine not quite bright. In January 1986 the author, an English woman in her sixties, was kidnapped by Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka and held for five weeks. This remarkable book is the story of her captivity. She describes her capture, her certainty during the first few hours that she would be shot as a spy, the long incoherent interrogations, an extraordinary night-march across the shallows of the Jaffna peninsula. She recalls her relationships with the men guarding her, the disciplines and devices she used to pass the time. One of the ways she occupied herself was to write her recollections