Everything from simple little sets for children to elaborate lifetime systems that fill whole rooms, here are the colorful layouts, the products and how to tips for every would be Casey Jones.

With 96 photographs, 53 in full-color and 23 drawings

Here is all the necessary information about this many faceted hobby, for both the long time collector operator and the beginner whose sights may be set on eventually developing a vast, complex system. Every aspect of this hobby is discussed in detail, including simple ready made set, specific locomotives and individual cars, track systems and environments, and power systems and wiring.

From the very beginning, the editors distinguish between those who just want to play and the modelers who take their craft seriously, advising the former to stay with the train sets that contain all the basic components in a single package, ready-made and ready to run. True train modeling is defined as the reproduction, to scale of trains, track, and the related equipment (switches and spurs), as well as the elements of a total railroad environment.

The fascinating history of model trains is traced back to the 1830s when the founder of the Baltimore Locomotive Works crafted small models and track as a design for the transportation system that he was about to build. Not until a hundred years later did this hobby really come into its own, after motors and electrical systems became readily available.

The editors direct the beginner to hobby shops, manufacturers of model railroading equipment, and other enthusiasts for ideas on how to get started and what to look of initially. A scale chart demonstrates how various model trains compare to one another and to their full-scale prototypes in terms of gauge (the measurement of railroad track width from the inside edge of one rail to the inside edge of the other) and size. All the basic tools and materials needed are listed, and several suggestions are offered on how to expand an already existing set.

An instructive section on locomotives and cars includes many color photographs that introduce the reader to the wide variety available in both antique and contemporary styles. The tree basic kinds of power for model locomotives (steam, diesel and electric, the most popular) are discussed. …

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Published by Beekman House of New York in 1979. Hard cover bound this First Edition copy is in Fine condition, covered in plastic, with a Fine dust jacket. The size of the book is 284x214x10, with 72 pages. ISBN 0517294621. Book is bumped at head & tail. Colour photos on covers; colour and b&w text photos and drawings. Rare. Hard Cover Yellow Boards.