This workshop Manual is a specially factory edited copy of the ORIGINAL BRITISH LEYLAND WORKSHOP MANUAL.

That means, you are getting with it exactly the same instructions, data, etc., which British Leyland gives to their service personnel.

The only difference between this book and the manual as used in the Workshop is that the repair and overhaul of the Automatic Transmission has been omitted. This is a job for a British Leyland Workshop only. Also not described is the chassis alignment procedure, which requires a special jig, again a job for the British Leyland Workshop.

For all cars fitted with exhaust Emission Control System we advise you to read the instructions in section EEC System before carrying out any repair on the engine, as many operations require checking and adjusting the emission control system when certain parts have been disturbed.

Australia. All data and specifications for the Australian built Minis and the Mini Moke are included. Some repair methods may, however, vary and it is therefore advisable to consult in this case a local British Leyland Dealer.

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Issued by British Leyland and published by InterEurope of London in 1971. Hard cover bound this First Edition copy is in POOR condition, laminated in plastic and without a dust jacket. The size of the book is 284x228x12mm.

Front cover has a grease spot, which is somehow under the lamination; first 2 sheets have pieces replaced – affecting only the margins. Sheets 4 and 5 had to be separated with minor loss to sheet 5 – again on margin only. There are occasional and only a few small smudges of grease. 130pp; Plus 12 unpaginated Tables – General Data on Australian Vehicles; Engine Tuning Data, AutoService Data. Most of the Section on Engines is MISSING from p 9 to p 28 incl. and this reflects in the price.