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With all the comforts, possessions and pleasures that he has in this world today, man does not seem to be happy. He is not satisfied with himself nor does he derive any real satisfaction from worldly goods. There is no dearth of religious dogmas and moral principles today. Every man considers himself a follower of some religion or creed. But he finds no happiness in material wealth and derives no pleasure from religious practices. Life itself seems insipid to him. With all that he has, the inner feelings of loneliness does not leave him. This is due to the natural inclination of the soul towards its origin. The soul is a part of the Lord. So long as it does not merge back into its Source it cannot find true peace.

True religion is universal. It is the same for every man, the same for the whole world. No doubt, the outer forms of religions are different from each other, but if we go the the roots of every religion we shall find the same aim and principles working at the core.

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Authored by Shanti Sethi and published privately in New Delhi in 1973. This second edition copy is soft cover bound, covered in a plastic pocket, in Fine condition and without a dust jacket. The size of the book is 217x138x10mm.