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With the astounding collection of tree portraits, Thomas Packenham has produced a new kind of tree book. The arrangement owes little to conventional botany. The sixty trees are grouped according to their own strong personalities. Natives, Travellers, Shrines, Fantasies and Survivors. From the ancient native trees, many of which are huge and immeasurably old, to the exotic newcomers from Europe, the East and North America, Meetings with Remarkable Trees captures the history and beauty of these entrancing living structures.

Of the native trees, the great yew in Selborne blown down in the 1990 hurricane, but still clinging to life is believed to be centuries older than the Christian church built beside it in the thirteenth century. When it was young it might have been decorated with human heads cut off as Celtic battle trophies.

The newcomers make up in size what they lack in age:  the current champion is a 100 year old Douglas fir at The Hermitage, Dunkeld, already 212 feet high. Each tree is a living historical monument in its own right and this volume reveals a variety of sacred trees, poets trees and fantastical trees extraordinary in both their appearance and history

Common to all these trees is their power to inspire awe and wonder. Meetings with Remarkable Trees is a lovingly researched book, beautifully illustrated with colour photographs, engravings and maps, a moving testimonial to the Earth’s largest and oldest living structures.

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Authored by Thomas Pakenham and published by Jonathan Ball of Johannesburg in 2007. Hard cover bound this First South African Edition, is in Fine condition, covered in plastic with a Fine dust jacket. The size of the book is 298x249x23mm, with 191 pages including an index, bibliography, list of illustrations and a list of the gazetteer. ISBN 9781868422951. Dust jacket has minute scuffing on head and tail of spine. Wrinkling to front eps. Coffee Table Book. Ilustrated throughout with colour photographs.