Matthew Flinders  Cat is the story of a drunk, a boy and a cat.

Bill O’Shannessy, once a prominent barrister, is now on the street where he sleeps on a bench outside the State Library. Above him on the window sill rests a bronze statue of Matthew Flinders’ cat, Trim. Ryan is a ten year old, a near street kid heading for all the usual trouble, The two meet and form an unlikely freindship

Appealing to the boy’s imagination by telling him the story of the circumnavigation of Australia as seen through Trim’s eyes, Billy is drawn deeply into Ryan’s life and into the Sydney underworld. Over Several months the two begin the mutual process of rehabilitation.

Matthew Flinder’s Cat is a modern day story of a city, its crime, the plight of the homeless and the politics of greed and perversion. It is also a story of the human heart, with an enchanting glimpse into our past from the viewpoint of a famous cat.

Matthew Flinders’ Cat is an extraordinary and moving novel by an internationally best selling author

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Authored by Courtenay Bryce and published by the Penguin Group of Australia in 2002. Hard cover bound this First Edition, First Impression copy is in Fine condition, covered in plastic and with a Fine dust jacket. The size of the book is 239x168x49mm. ISBN 9780670910618. Large font. Book is yellow on all pages and edges. 611pp.