Both Vols have rear covers tanned; all edges yellowed. Vol 1 has a faded spine with 2 creases down it; Vol 2 Appears unread. 569, to 1051pp incl index, plus (23)pp ads ; 1199 b&w line dwgs. A monumental work of reference. Please expect extra postage. Pages tanned and protective cellophane starting to come off.

This work is actually the definitive encyclopedia of United States grass life. Compiled from the U.S. National Herbarium collection, the largest of its kind in the world, it is the only complete manual of U.S. grasses available and one of the basic reference works on U.S. plant life. It catalogs and describes in detail all 1,398 numbered species in 169 genera found in this country, plus 120 species in 16 genera of the so-called waifs. Professor Hitchcock is the former Chief Botanist in charge of systematic agrostology for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, by whom the work was originally published and an internationally known authority.

The heart of the book is its detailed description of the family of grasses, the two main subfamilies, the tibes, genera and species. Quick finding keys are provided for the identification of tribes and genera. Each of the species is given thorough botanical description, including various aspects of its morphology: size, shapeform of culms, blades, panicles, spikes and flowers, and height, proper planting season, and range of distribution are noted. The Manual also outlines the commoin uses to which grasses are put, and discusses in general terms their distribution, classification, nemenclature, and common names. 1,199 drawings make the identification of any grass speces foun in the United States a virtual certainty. The appended synonmy of alternate names for each species provides an authoritative taxonomy, eliminating confusion.

The nature lover with no more technical equipment than a keen eye can use this manual with profit, for a glossary of btanical terms is included. Naturalists, botanist, agriculturists and horticulturists will find it invaluable as a gield and resear guide to virtually all the grasses that grow in the United States.

Unaltered, unabridged, republication of 2nd revised edition, (1950), in two volumes.

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Authored by A.S. Hitchcock and revised by Agnes Chase. Published by Dover Publications of New York in 1977. This Second Edition copy, soft cover bound, is in Very Good condition and issued in two volumes. The combined size of the 2 books is 233x155x58mm.