Living Wicca is the long awaited sequel to Scott Cunningham’s wildly successful Wicca: a Guide for the Solitary Practitioner. This new book is for those who have made the conscious decision to bring their Wiccan spirituality into their everyday lives. It provides solitary practitioners with the tools and added insights that will enable them to blaze their own spiritual paths – to become their own high priests and priestesses.

Living Wicca takes a philosophical look at the questions, practices and differences within Witchcraft. It covers the various tools of learning available to the practitioner, the importance of secrecy in one’s practice, guidelines to performing ritual when ill, magical names, initiation, and the Mysteries. It discusses the benefits of daily prayer and meditation, making offerings to the gods, how to develop a prayerful attitude, and how to perform Wiccan rites when away from home or in emergency situations.

Those without access to conventional Wicca, Wiccan traditions, covens or usual training procedures will learn to:

  • Practice Solitary Wicca with confidence and comfort
  • Create our own Wiccan tradition
  • Become your own beast Wiccan teacher
  • Design personal ritual
  • Create a personal book of Shadows
  • Develop your own relationship with the God and Goddess
  • Teach others about your Craft
  • Perform a self-initiation
  • Add depth and great spiritual meaning to your rituals through knowledge of the Wiccan mysteries
  • Pray more effectively
  • Live life as a ritual to the Goddess and God

Unlike any other book on the subject, Living Wicca is a step-by-step guide to creating your own Wiccan tradition and personal vision of the gods, designing your personal ritual and symbols, developing your own book of shadows and truly living your Gift.

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Authored by Scott Cunningham and published by Llewelllyn of St Paul, Minnesotta in 1998. Soft cover bound this First Edition, Third Impression is in Very Good condition, and covered in plastic. 220pages including Index,  plus ads. The size of the book is 230x152x18mm. ISBN 9780875421841.

Book has been read but is unmarked; pages yellowed. Incl Glossary & Bibliography; diagrams and line dwgs. Soft Card Cover. No dustwrap as issued..