Since the introduction of koi in the 1970s, these graceful and dignified living jewels have become the hobby, or obsession, of many South Africans, and the koi shows at which fanciers and breeders show off their biggest and most beautiful specimens, some of them almost beyond price, draw crowds of admiring and envious spectators.

The South African koi keeper is blessed with the advantages of a stable and warm climate and an abundance of space in suburban gardens which can accommodate ideally designed ponds and filters. The authors, and contributors, all leading koi specialists, have combined their talents and experience to produce the first book researched and written for South African conditions,the definitive guide to koi keeping in South Africa.

This book includes: Top quality photography of all the koi varieties, including recent All-Japan champions and the best of South Africa’s own koi. ; Chapters on koi history, biology, genetics, dynastic bloodline, breeding and nutrition.; Detailed and up to date notes on all fifteen varieties, with the most recent Zen Nippon Airinkai appreciation guidelines. ; All the South African show results. ; Chapters on koi collection and pond construction and management for South African conditions. ; Detailed instructions on medication and treatment. ; Listings of South African dealers and suppliers.

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Authored by Ronnie Watt and Servaas de Kock. Published by Delta Books of Johannesburg in 1996. Hard cover bound, this First Edition copy is in Fine condition, covered in plastic and with a Fine dust jacket. The size 298x16p15mm. ISBN 0908387733.

160 pp incl index, dealers and breeders, glossary, and reference sources. Illustrated in black and white and colour, with photographs, line drawings and diagrams. Clean and well bound. No inscriptions, annotations or markings.