A biography

Even among the mighty mountain men, Jim Bridger was a towering figure. Fur trapper and Indian fighter extraordinary, he was one of the greatest explorers and pathfinders in American history. He could not write his own name, but at eighteen he had braved the fury of the Missouri, ascending it in a keelboat flotilla steered by that stalwart, Mike Fink. By 1824, when he was only twenty, he had discovered the Great Salt Lake. Later he was to open the Overland Route, and the Union Pacific. One of the foremost trappers in the Rocky Mountain Fur Company, he was a legend in his own time as well as ours. He remains one of the most important scouts and guides in the history of the entire West.

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Authored by Stanley Vestal and published by the University of Nebraska Press, a Bison Book from Lincoln printed in 1970. Soft cover bound this 12th Impression Reprint is in Fine condition covered in plastic and with an illustrated cover. The size of the book is 203x136x19mm. ISBN 9780803257207.

333pp incl Index. Occasional black and white line drawn maps and a single line drawn illustration, with one photograph in black and white of Jim Bridger. Clean and well bound. No markings, inscriptions or annotations.