Defining Inspiration

  1. Seeking Inspiration from within.
  2. The Early Years.
  3. Getting Inspired by his better half.
  4. The Luckiest Man Alive.
  5. Seeking inspiration from his Kenyan sister.
  6. Dreams from my father.
  7. Inspiring the World to believe in change.
  8. Obama’s Romantic Revolution.
  9. Inspiring the nation to reach for the Promised Land.
  10. Cracking the American Culture Code.
  11. Inspiring Grassroots all over the World.
  12. Possiamo: Yes We Can.
  13. Inspiring Grassroots Support Across the Nation.
  14. The Audacity to Win.
  15. The Obama online campaign.
  16. Revolutionizing political campaigning.
  17. Inspiring 6.5 million to Donate
  18. Shifting the Game.
  19. User Generated Content.
  20. Supporters creating Obama AdWork.
  21. On the campaign trail.
  22. Criss-crossing the Nation.
  23. Inspiring the Nation to stand united.
  24. Change has come to America.
  25. Inspiring the Global village.
  26. The first Global president.
  27. Inspiring an new spirit of responsibility
  28. hope of a better day
  29. Inspiring the nation to joint action.
  30. Time to dust ourselves off.
  31. Inspiring the nation through concerted effort.
  32. The instant American revolution.
  33. The brand called Obama.
  34. Transforming the politics of branding.
  35. Restoring the brand promise,
  36. Hitting the right tone.
  37. Defining a new brand of leadership
  38. The President of cool.
  39. Co-branding from the hip.
  40. The Power Couple.

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Authored by Dr. Nikolaus Eberl and published by Academy Press of New York in 2009. Soft cover bound this First Edition copy is in Very Good condition, covered in plastic, with an illustrated cover. The size of the book is 208x147x21mm, with 343 pages. ISBN 9780620376372. Illustrated with black and white photographs. Lower edge stained. Spine and cover creased. Clean and well bound. No inscriptions annotations or marks.