Chinese Book of Changes, is the world’s oldest divinatory method to remain intact. “As an oracle, it sets out a framework of symbols and readings which give insight into the forces–literally, the changes–occurring at any particular moment in time and which can provide answers to questions about our lives, relationships, health, wealth, and happiness. The first creators of the I Ching studied the stars and tides, plants and animals, as well as the rhythms of natural forces such as wind, thunder, fire, and water. They began to recognize repeating patterns in their kinship and families, in commerce and politics, and in the eternal dramas of love, ambition, conflict, and honour. In time, this led to a complex, intertwined pattern of relationships that placed a central importance on the eternal metamorphosis of all things. The I Ching consists of 64 hexagrams, or six-lined figures, each of which has a name and carries a brief description. Anyone who wishes to consult the I Ching simply focuses on a question, constructs a hexagram following simple instructions, and then looks up its meaning for the answer. Marlies Holitzka offers a direct approach to this ancient Chinese wisdom and its interpretations “. The cards feature pen and ink drawings by Klaus Holitzka, in a Chinese traditional style.

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I Ching Cards in the style of classical Chinese water color painting. Keys to the ageless wisdom of China. 64 Cards in full color. Complete with instruction booklet. Printed in Belguim by AGMuller, English Edition. Instruction by Marlies Holitzka and artwork by Klaus Holitzka. Translated from the German by Anthony Haywood.