“While thousands of other people have to live with these every day, we like to think we ourselves are immune. We are not. Money is a paper symbol that changes value overnight; every time we bank money or pay taxes a computer invades our privacy; bombs explode in the street and security is an illusion. These are the brutal facts of life: how can we confront them and stay human? This novel is the story of Paul Desmond, a very human man who with his friend George Harlequin, the Swiss banker, is forced by fraud, blackmail and terror to find the answer to these questions. Paul’s strength is not made easier by the fact that while he owes so much to his friend he is also in love with Harlequin’s wife. It is a story based on known facts about the world of finance, security and terrorism today and it moves with breathtaking suspense from Hamburg to Zurich to London, Washington, New York and Mexico.” Set in the 1950’s.


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Authored by Morris West, Jacket illustration by Ian Ribbons and  published by Collins of St James Place London. This is a 1994 2nd Impression of the 1st Edition. The size of the book is 214x140x32mm and the weight is 475g. A Fine book and dust jacket covered in plastic.