This colourful book introduces the layman to the fascinating world of snakes, as well as other reptiles and amphibians, often little known and seldom seen., Southern Africa has a great diversity of reptiles and amphibians, with more species occurring in the region than in the whole of North America. From the intimidating African python and the legendary black mamba to the quaintly named pyxies and squeakers, this book examines the region’s most interesting, uncommon or bizarre species. Author Bill Branch reveals many intriguing aspects about these animals and shows them to be a vital, but sadly misunderstood, part of the environment. In fact, through causes such as habitat destruction and illegal collection, a number of southern Africa’s reptiles and amphibians are endangered and in need of protection.

The unusual beauty of reptiles and amphibians is vividly illustrated by means of more than 250 colour photographs. Details of the animals habitat and distribution, as well as their prey and predators, are discussed. In addition, interesting aspects of breeding biology and behaviour, such as the number of eggs laid, the level of parental care, and the territorial and mating displays of some species, make this a riveting account of the lives of these ancient creatures.

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Authored by Bill Branch and published by Central News Agency, CNA, of Cape Town in 1981. Hard cover bound, this First Edition copy is in Fine condition, covered in plastic and without a dust jacket. The size of the book is 288x222x15mm. ISBN 9780958317115.

Book apears un-read. Small ding at tail of book. 112pp incl index; 250 col photos thru’out text. Hard Cover Laminated Boards. F. Illus. by Branch, Bill.