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Every child can be a winner, regardless of his or her IQ: a true winner competes with himself. But how can a parent motivate a child, and a teacher a pupil, to find this path to success? A child should learn to motivate himself, that is the mark of a winner. But it requires careful planning by parents and teachers.

Motivation begins at home, in a happy family, where parents provide sufficient opportunities for communication so that the child, whether more or less gifted, receives acknowledgement for his achievements.

Regarding schoolwork, there are four main strategies for parents and teachers to follow in order to motivate a child: be realistic in your expectations; help your child to handle success and failure; give rewards; and set clear short and long term goals.

Every child a winner will help parents and teachers to spot a child’s potential and then develop it to shape a winner, a person with self confidence and perseverance, who knows how to handle the occasional failure.

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Authored by Coley Lamprecht and published by Tafelberg of Cape Town in 1980. This First Edition, 2nd Impression, copy is soft cover bound in Fine condition, without a dust jacket. The size of the book is 221x152x5mm. ISBN 9780624027539.