190pp incl index, bibliography and appendixes. Clean and tightly bound. Unmarked, no annotations or inscriptions. Illustrated with b+w drawings, diagrams and tables.

Elizabethan Magic provides the reader with precise renditions and translations of the most important magical tracts of the Tudor era. Complete with extensive commentaries, it offers a fascinating insight into the colourful and often intriguing personalities of the time.

Included are the major works of John Dee, eminent scientist, astrologer and adviser to Oueen Elizabeth I; Robert Fludd, an original thinker on Qabalah, Rosicrucianism and divinatory matters; Simon Forman, physician, astrologer and necromancer, Thomas Jones (alias Twm Sion Cati), Dee’s elusive cousin; Robert Turner, astrological¬† botanist and translator; and Edward Kelly, seer, conjurer and alchemist.

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Authored by Robert Turner, with contributory material by Patricia Shore Turner and Robin E. Cousins. Foreward by Colin Wilson. Illustrated by Charles H. Cattell and Jane O’Reilly. Published by Element Books of Shaftesbury, Dorset, in 1989. This First Edition, First Impression copy is soft cover bound, in Fine Condition and covered in plastic. The size of the book is 213x138x13mm. ISBN 9781852300838.